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It is our passion to make life easier for Care Home Managers and Care Providers by understanding exactly what the CQC require you to do and by developing methods that will quickly, and cost effectively, help you to be compliant and sustainable.

The CQC’s Essential Standards have 28 outcomes of which only 16 of these are core. These are the ones that are going to be mostly inspected and relate to the quality and safety of your home and service users.

To help you meet these core requirements quickly we have developed quite a number of products, the most important one being our Person-Centred Care Plan. It provides that important evidence you need evidencing on your Provider Compliance Assessment.

As well as supporting you to comply with the CQC requirements, we also:
• Use the knowledge and experience to give you a fully comprehensive service
• Help you to make achievable and realistic changes to your organisation
• Provide you, as proprietors and managers, with professional support to help turn your business around
• Help make your business more successful and therefore the lives of people you care for more fulfilled.

To help you raise and maintain standards in your care home, we offer:
• Personal and friendly support when you need it
• Straight-forward help to make sense of red tape
• Innovative ideas and bespoke solutions to your needs
• Crisis/Support Management
• Support and excellent guidance with safeguarding issues
• Undivided support and guidance on sustaining, improving and maintaining excellent CQC ratings.
• Care service audits and mock in-house audits
• Guidance and support in achieving ISO standards
• Quality Assurance Support and guidance to comply with the new regulations,
   assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision formerly (Reg. 26)
• Support and guidance to resolve CQC enforcement issues
• Auditing Minimum Standards, Policies and Procedures
• Advise on how to meet standards
• Monitoring H&S

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