Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to provide competent, innovative and accessible emergency management services to residential and nursing homes. We demonstrate this by providing emotional and professional support to our clients, also balancing our continued support and commitment to poorly managed care homes. In our service we are setting up a pace for sophisticated management solutions in the region. Getting better means BMCM will be responsible for aiming higher and taking great care to our clients and their businesses.


Our vision is to ensure high quality and sustainable standards are met in care/ nursing homes we support to promote healthy living life style for residents and healthy business financial turn over.


Our mission is to promote high quality care management solutions to allow care homes to run smoothly. This is achieved by ensuring that our service is delivered in a professional and sustainable manner, efficiency and effectiveness is paramount. At BMCM we are driven by quality, honesty and accountability.


We are proactive, approachable, knowledgeable, committed and professional.

Company Information

BM Care Management Solutions Ltd
Company Reg Number: 7970721
Tel: 01455 846343
Fax: 01455 847459
or +44 1455 847459

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